Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday Meal and Workout Plan

I completely spaced out and forgot to post (or even write!) this yesterday.  Getting my mind focused really is taking longer than I thought it would.  I hate even blogging about it because I just sound like a broken record!  Today my weight was 185.8 pounds--8 ounces over my "limit" that I set for myself.  I am mad at myself but somehow the self sabotage just continues.  I know this is a mental thing and I just have to get it right in my head but it sure is hard this time around!

Anyway....here are my meals and workout plan for this week.  Must stick with it...must stick with it...

turkey bacon

Salads (boiled eggs for protein)
Protein shakes

Monday:  out (I'll be honest, I had a Zaxby's chicken sandwich and fries)
Tuesday:  Breakfast (we ate at our church small group and I had hashbrown casserole, turkey bacon, one pancake, two mini muffins and one piece of sausage)
Wednesday:  Spaghetti (with spaghetti squash instead of noodles for me), salad  
Thursday:  Chicken pot pie
Friday:  Leftovers  
Saturday:  Chili and cornbread  
Sunday:  Out
Monday:  Rest Day
Tuesday:  Personal Training with Wanda (this happened today--I had to wear my Superhero shirt so that I would survive!  Ha ha!)

I don't have a cape but I do have wings...
Wednesday:  Tennis with the girls, Run 3 miles (treadmill)
Thursday:  Stretching DVD
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  Run 2 miles

I'm still working on my Half Marathon Training Plan.  I've got to register and pay for it because then I can't turn back!

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  1. I can totally sympathize with self-sabotage! I am in the same boat!