6 Reasons Owning A Dog Is Good For You

There are many benefits you get from being a dog owner that you might not even know about, and this article will go over the 6 of the most important ones. If you won a dog, you will surely be interested in the benefits he/she provides!

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Choose the right dog breed for yourself!

  1. Staying active

We all know that dogs are very active and social animals who love to play and offer unconditional friendship to their owners. They will always be excited to see you, and they are always up for fun activities. They do not like to be cooped up without any chance of running around and playing, which means that you will have to get active as well!

  1. Better mood

Of course, your dog is your best buddy, there is a reason we say dogs are men’s best friend. Well, having a dog can actually improve your mood and even prevent depression in both men and women. All pet owners who spend over 30 minutes with their pets each day are less likely to feel lonely or depressed! Your dog really cares about you, in more ways than one.

  1. Relieving stress

If you lead a very stressful life, having a pet can help you cope with that stress. Dogs and cats are known to be the best pets to help you relieve stress since the dogs’ energy and the cats’ calmness will help you a lot. Just by spending some quality time with your furry little friend, you are bound to relax and feel much better!

  1. A healthy heart

There were many cases and published papers where it was proven that dogs can help our heart. Dogs can do a lot more than just boost your mood and get you to exercise, as they can extend your lifespan and also protect you from many deadly diseases. Dog owners were proven to have a much lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and they do not experience heart attacks almost at all.

Cats are also known to be quite beneficial to their owners

  1. Detecting cancer

In some of the researches, it was shown that some dogs are able to sniff out and even detect bladder, breast, lung, colon, ovarian and skin cancer. Some dogs are specially trained to do this and have been reported to be able to sniff out skin moles that could cause problems. Just as dogs take care of you, you need to return the favor; contact professional vet clinic in North Wahroonga if there are any issues.

  1. Making kids healthier

The usual belief is that dogs are not good for young kids, but that is false. Kids who grow up with at least one pet tend to have a much stronger immune system and an overall healthier body. This is why you should allow your kids to grow up with a dog, who will teach them social skills, responsibility, and empathy!

Final word

The next time your furry little friend decides to dig holes where he should not or cause you vet bills, you should know that he deserves all the care he can get. This obviously does not mean that dogs should not get disciplined, but many things need to be forgiven. Dogs are here to give you the company and friendship you deserve, so return the favor!

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