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Philadelphia is a large metropolitan area located in Southeast Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is the largest city in the state. It is the sixth most populous in the country.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Drug Information

Kensington,  located in Philadelphia is one of the nation’s biggest drug markets. The drugs that are a threat to this area are heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs. There have been numerous reports indicating the number of people either affected or have died from drug overdose.

For example, in 2011, many people were sent to rehabilitation due to heroin.  However, alcohol still had the highest number of users. It contributed to an average of about 40{248daa4f5af6938874256ac25bbc1cf2f0af434823d9e3d0f2afe8216e236b1c} of those seeking rehabilitation in Pennsylvania.

Overdose from fatal drugs increased from 907 in 2016 to 1,217 in 2017. Many of these arose from Fentanyl, a prescription drug being mixed into the heroin by dealers.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment Resources.

As you can see, drug addiction in Philadelphia is real. It is a threat to both the young and old. What you should know is that the environment in which you live contributes a lot to you becoming an addict or not. Once you become an addict, you are not the only one who suffers. Everyone around you does feel the pain.

The way to recovery begins with you.  You must accept that you have a problem that requires treatment. You have to take a complete turn around and change everything. If your friends that enc ourage you to abuse drugs (remember it is always your decision though), stay away from them.

You should not fear or feel stigmatized in your need for treatment.

There are several support groups along with meetings that can offer you help. Some of the recovery sources that you can attend include:

  1.    Narcotics Anonymous, NA-Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit society of men and women suffering from drug addiction.

It is made up of recovering addicts. They usually meet on a regular basis to help each other abstain. The only requirement to be a member is the desire to stop using drugs. You only require to have the desire to stop using narcotics.

There are no joining fees, pledges to sign, or promises to make to anyone. You can join the meeting regardless of your age, race, gender, or religion.

  1.    Maryland addiction and Recovery Centre– if you want to get treatment away from the city, you may opt for Maryland Addiction and Support Centre. At the center, you will get support which will help you towards your recovery. They will also be able to make up some follow up to see how you are doing during and after treatment.
  1.    Al-anon meeting-Al-Anon’s main purpose is to help those people whose lives are or has been adversely affected by someone else’s drinking. If your family has a person addicted to drinking alcohol, then the entire family is addicted. Alateen is for teens and children affected by any family member drinking habit.

If you are dependent on drugs or alcohol such that it impacts negatively in your work and or family, you should look for help. Luckily there are some great supprt centers available.

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