Breast Implant treatment always enclose a silicone shell

Different types of implants

There are different types of breast implants, the only difference is saline versus silicone. The patients need to analyze this important difference before undertaking an implantation treatment.

The next big difference in the implant is whether it is shaped or round, and textured or a smooth. At present, there is high traffic on shaped implant treatments. Some surgeons think the shaped implant is a teardrop that gives a more natural look. While most of the surgeons believe that a superior result may come from only a shaped implant, but some of them feel the same about round implants. The breast reconstruction takes a month of time to recover to normal.

Most of the patients like to have fullness in the upper part of their breast and it can be fulfilled by a round implant. A round implant can move without any problem because it will stay as the same. Textured implant treatment does not move freely as the smooth implants do.

The other differences in the implant treatments are the range of sizes, which are known as profiles. Some of the profiles offered are moderate profile, moderate plus profile, and high profile. These profiles mean that the breast gets more projection on the given implant size.

Silicone safety breast implants

The choice between silicone and saline for breast implant treatment depends on the patient’s desire and requirements. Many plastic surgeons agree and believe that silicone as a superior one for breast implant because gives a softer and natural looking implant. But the patients concern about the safety of silicone and now it seems that patients are more interested in silicone and trust the type of implants are safer one. This type of implants has always been safer and no one else has ever regretted that the silicone implant treatment causes any systemic disease. Silicone implant treatment is also a new generation and much safer than others to be used. The Breast Augmentation is also one kind of plastic surgery.

Advantages of undertaking Brest implants

Breast enlargement is a perfect and relatively a straightforward surgery which can be done in about an hour. These surgeries are much faster than fat grafting surgery. These breast implant treatments are very much predictable while fat grafting is not predictable because sometimes the fat does not last and sometimes it does. Breast implant surgery usually requires only one surgery. Whereas, fat grafting methodology may require multiple surgeries to achieve a perfect, augmented and an acceptable result.

Does implant placement make a difference?

Placing the implants above or below the pectoralis muscle depends on the patient’s desires and characteristics also as the surgeon preference. Most of the surgeon’s advice to place the implants below the muscle, as the pectoralis muscle help to camouflage the implants that are placed. There are certain times when the implant can be better placed above the muscle and an acceptable result can be achieved.

Results of implant placements

The patient sees the result from the breast implants immediately. The implants last up to 10 to 20 years. The patient can get swelling for up to six weeks after the implant is placed.

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