Dentures & Teeth Whitening in Fort McMurray: Dentists Deliver Exceptional Results

Both teeth whitening and denture fabrication are procedures that should ideally be left to the highly skilled dental practitioners. Therefore, if your goal is to get the best results in the form of a brighter smile, then you should consult a dentist who will examine your oral structure and suggest the most appropriate treatment method. Remember that this applies whether you need teeth whitening in Fort McMurray or dentures in Fort McMurray.

Teeth Whitening In Fort McMurray

Even though there are numerous teeth whitening solutions available at the supermarket or your local drugstore, it is highly recommended that you have your teeth professionally whitened by a qualified dentist instead. Patients have unique needs and what may work best for you may not necessarily work for another patient. Fortunately, dentists are adequately trained to offer teeth whitening in Fort McMurray. Therefore, engaging the right dental practitioner offering a customized treatment solution allows you to get impressive results in the form of bright, whiter teeth.

Over-the-counter solutions also contain small amounts of whitening agent. However, the fact that the products have minimal amounts of whitening agent means you’ll have to apply them for an extended period of time. What dentists use, on the other hand, contains higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, which allows you to get results immediately instead of waiting for many weeks.

When you choose to use the generic whitening kits, you become more likely to suffer sensitivity and pain. The agent should never come in contact with gums or lips but with the one-size-fits-all approach adopted by whitening strips, the risk of contact is real and it actually does occur. Choosing a dental practitioner to oversee the procedure essentially means that the application will be done correctly and your mouth is protected.

Dentures in Fort McMurray

  • Conventional Full Denture – The denture is placed in your mouth as a replacement for all your teeth after all remaining teeth have been pulled out. However, they are only placed after your gums have completely healed.
  • Partial Denture – The partial denture is made up of replacement teeth fitted to a gum-coloured base. The framework incorporated in partial dentures means they can be attached to existing teeth, thus enabling them to stay in place.
  • Immediate Full Denture – If you do not fancy being without teeth immediately after your teeth are pulled out, then an immediate full denture will be fabricated prior to teeth removal. You can wear the denture right away. Even so, it will need relining during the healing process.

People wear dentures in Fort McMurray for a number of reasons. Apart from improving overall appearance, dentures help you to achieve the following:

  • Allow you to speak and eat normally even without teeth.
  • Restores your bright smile. You’ll be able to smile with lots of confidence.
  • Prevents sagging of your facial muscles.

If you wish to learn more about the aforementioned procedures, you can schedule or book an appointment with your local dentist. However, you should find out whether the dental offices provide these services first before scheduling an appointment.

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