Discover Some Wonderful Benefits of Botox Treatment in Abbotsford

It may come as a surprise, but dentists now provide Botox procedures. Some people might flinch at the thought of it, but your family dentist will assure you that there is no need to. In fact, Botox plays a critical role in dental practice, whether for medical or cosmetic reasons. You are better off getting the treatment from a dentist as opposed to other physicians. There are many secrets in oral health and Botox is one you should definitely know about, thanks to its numerous benefits. You can simply visit a Botox clinic in Abbotsford and discover how you can benefit from it.

Why should you get Botox treatment from your dentist?

Dentists specialize in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery at a higher level than other practitioners do. This explains why dentists are the best professionals to administer Botox. Dentists undergo extensive training that focuses on the areas including the facial region, neck, and head. It is worth noting that dental practitioners are more familiar with general complications that are likely to arise than other healthcare specialists. This essentially means that you’ll get a more thorough understanding of the treatment and remedy of any issues that might arise. Unlike other healthcare practitioners, a family dentist will give priority to proper teeth to lip ratio and how your teeth correlate with the soft tissue that surrounds the areas injected.

Botox Treatment: Medical Benefits

Most people tend to assume that the treatment is only administered purely for cosmetic purposes (tightening collagen and smoothing the facial wrinkles). However, when you visit your local Botox clinic in Abbotsford, you will discover that the treatment offers more benefits than you would ever imagine. Clinical and medical uses include the treatment of bruxism, chronic facial pains, and TMJ. The treatment is also widely used to complement aesthetic dentistry, particularly for patients having difficulties adjusting to their new set of dentures. It may additionally be used for lip augmentations and retraining the facial muscles.

Botox has also been used successfully to decrease teeth grinding and clenching for patients having trouble wearing night guards, including those who have the habit of clenching their teeth at night. Even though many people might not be privy to the fact that they engage in the habit, the long-term effects are detrimental.

Apart from providing relief to patients experiencing facial discomfort, Botox is also linked to producing positive results for patients suffering high-stress levels, depression, and those with periodontal disease. Patients who resort to Botox treatment for the aforementioned conditions confirm that they are happier than they were before the treatment.

Botox treatment is completely safe, has no known side effects, and the effects show almost immediately. The injections help to relax tensed up muscles in the facial regions and significantly reduces wrinkles around the forehead, thus enabling you to have a more youthful look. Voluntary movements such as making facial expressions and chewing remain intact. To discover more about the wonderful benefits of the treatment, consider visiting a Botox clinic in Abbotsford or talk to your family dentist about its possibilities.

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