How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Meal to Lose Weight?

Without counting calories, you will not be in a position to lose weight. You have to pay attention to how many calories each food you are eating contains. There is one way to avoid getting into the calorie-counting hassle by using healthy meal delivery services. By opting for these services, you just have to select how many calories you plan to consume on a daily basis and they will deliver exactly that. The problem is that even when you can order healthy meals online, you will still have to figure how many calories you need to eat to lose weight effectively. The answer may vary from person to person though!

You can lose a pound by burning 3,500 calories, but you can try different approaches to get rid of these calories. For instance, you can start eating fewer calories to reach your goal or you can burn more to be in a calorie deficit mode. It means that you will have to find your current calorie consumption and then cut at least 500 calories a day to lose about a pound in a week. If you are currently eating 3000 calories, you should start by eating 2500 a day and engage in strenuous physical activity to put your body in a calorie deficit mode. Since everyone’s calorie intake is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Nevertheless, you can pay attention to how many calories each of your meals contain to initiate weight loss. For instance:

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  • Breakfast: Many people think their first meal of the day should be quite heavy, but that is not always true, especially if you are trying to lose weight. It is better to limit your breakfast to under 400 calories. Also bear in mind that eating less than 150 calories will make you feel hungry well before lunch, so plan your breakfast properly.
  • Lunch: It is easy to go completely wrong with lunch because many people tend to overeat or opt for junk food to save time. Pay special attention to calories because you may be thinking that you are eating restaurant salads that are healthy, but you may actually be consuming up to 1,000 calories with creamy dressings and toppings.
  • Dinner: You should eat pasta or a low-calorie food for dinner. Be sure to add some veggies to your sauce and include lean protein like ground turkey or seafood to your dinner to get fewer calories and more nutrients.

In addition, you can consider snacking between meals if you feel very hungry, which may well be the case if you are following a 1,500-calorie diet. Ensure that you snacks do not contain more than 400 calories. While it is important to keep an eye on the number of calories you consume, you should also understand that skipping meals is never a way to cut back on calories. It can put your body in starvation mode and make it even more difficult to lose weight.

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