Severe effects of depression on your overall health

Among the common mental health problems that trouble people, depression is most common. Depression is not just sadness. We all feel hopeless, lonely and depressed at times and it is normal. Depression, on the other hand, is a mental disorder, a prolonged sadness that affects our life to such an extent that we are unable to lead our life normally.

What do you think depression does to you? If you are of the opinion that depression affects only your mind, you are wrong. This mental disorder affects your well- being and physical health to a great extent. Clinical depression, if not treated, starts affecting your whole body. If you want to know about the symptoms of depression and how it is related to your physical health, read the complete article.

Symptoms of depression in children

Analysis of depression in children in more difficult compared to adults as they cannot express properly how they feel. Still there are some common symptoms that might indicate that a child is in depression. Examples may be cited of excessive irritability and negative attitude. Persistent clinginess, unexplained fear, failing to perform well in studies and prolonged unwillingness to mix with other children of the same age as well as to go to school are some other common symptoms.

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Digestive system

Though depression is a state of mind, it has an important role to play in our nutrition and appetite. Many people who are depressed end up eating too much and therefore, gain a lot of weight. This can also cause type 2 diabetes.

Eating problems due to depression can cause stomach aches, constipation, cramps and malnutrition. In order to get relief from stomach pain, buy tramadol from any online chemist shop without prescription.

Immune system

Stress and depression have negative impacts on our immunity. Depression weakens our immune system, making us more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Studies have revealed that depression and inflammation are intimately connected. Anti-inflammatory agents often provide relief to people with depression. Don’t hesitate to take professional help to get rid of depression.

Cardiovascular system

Stress and depression are closely connected. Stress hormones fasten our heart rate and tighten the blood vessels. Research works have proved that depression causes more damage to the heart than smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Untreated depression increases the chances of death in a person due to heart attack. Clinical research establishes that 15 percent of people who have heart disease have been victims of depression.

We come to the conclusion that depression affects mainly our immune system, digestive system and cardiovascular system.

A depressed person can commit suicide in a moment of utter vulnerability. Several steps can be taken in order to prevent suicide. The local emergency number is 911. If you notice suicidal tendenciesin any person, you can call at this helpline number. It is important that you do not leave that person alone until help reaches. Also make sure that there are no knives, guns or other harmful things within the depressed person’s reach.

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