Substance abuse – A big hand in destroying lives

The meaning of substance abuse is dependence; the dependence can be on alcohol, drug or any other thing. So in simple words, when any individual is depended on the toxic substances like drugs or alcohol. These substances have a direct impact on the behaviour of individual, nervous system and other health aspects of person. Once the body get used to the substance, it becomes highly difficult to get over the substance abuse because the body developed a habit of such things and when the body will not get the things will react in every possible way. The reaction of the body is known as withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms affect the health of the addict, physically as well as mentally.

Society – A culprit

  • Society is being the major culprit behind the increased usage of substance abuse. The substance may include cigarette smoking, tobacco chewing, and alcohol, drugs like morphine or heroin. The people start using these drugs either under the pressure of society or due to the curiosity. All the above mentioned substances are psychoactive in nature and the tendency of increased dependency becomes high with the increased usage. If anyone gets indulge into the abuse of any substance then it would be very difficult for them to get rid of substance abuse. The main reason is that the addict does not have the power to bear the symptoms. The power of bearing symptoms can be provided by recovery treatment substance abuse.

Adverse effects of substance abuse on lives

  • The substance abuse affects the mind of the people a lot and the addict are not good at differentiating between the wrong and right. The inability to differentiate is responsible for the increased number of prisoners because the addict will never think that what they are doing is crime or not. This is becoming a major problem in the professionals also. Either the fraternities of doctor, engineers also getting under the influence of drugs under stress or under anxiety, which ultimately destroy their life.
  • The substance abuse may cause different diseases in the people’s lives like weak judgement, impaired abilities and developed criminal behaviour. Due to this, either they kill the innocent people or they kill themselves.

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