The 21st Century Way to Treat Menstrual Periods & Endometriosis

A Colorado based company claims to have produced a new cannabis based pain relief product for sufferers of menstrual pain. Although the company doesn’t say that their new product can help with Endometriosis, it has led many researchers to examine whether such a treatment could help this condition.

The treatment comes in packs of four capsules, priced at approximately $44. They say they have been careful to create a pain relief solution that maximizes muscle relaxation without producing a psychotropic high.

We examined a Foria Relief capsule and found that it contained a mixture of 60 mg of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and 10mg of CBD (Cannabidiol). It is widely known that cannabinoids can target specific receptor sites in the pelvis to reduce tension and cramping, which is associated with menstrual period pain.

The cannabis that Foria use for their pain relief product is grown in California without using any pesticides. The extraction process is crafted in such a way that it enables it to be solvent free, allowing the cannabis to be extracted in its purest form.

From the tests the company has carried out, anecdotal evidence suggests that users could notice a substantial decrease in pain, which came around because of their menstruation. It is thought this is due to the positive affect the THC has on the nerves and the way it helps assist in blocking pain.

Foria have been careful to state that the relief that patients feel is based on anecdotal evidence rather than scientific evidence. Research is still at an early stage into this area, and all the statements that Foria make have not been ratified by the US FDA. Foria do hope that in the future that their treatments will be clinically approved, as well as being FDA approved, but this seems to be quite a while away yet

The Key Role Cannabis Can Play in Endometriosis

Treatments for Endometriosis at the moment tend to be regular exercise, as well as relaxation. For more severe cases, pain killers can be prescribed. Using pain killers on a regular basis can be damaging, which certainly opens up the possibility for cannabis to be used as a pain killer for the condition. Sometimes sufferers of Endometriosis make use of opiates to dull their pain, but there is the chance that the user could become addicted to these opiates. Studies have shown time and again that cannabis can be used as a substitute for opiates to reduce pain.

While research is still going on into the area, the initial indications seem positive. If you would like to try a pain-relieving strain of cannabis for your period pain, speak with your local dispensary. You can find your nearest dispensary using the dispensaries open near me tool.

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