The Reason Why You Should Stop Spitting

Having the habit of spitting can be caused by a number of factors you might not even know about. Besides being incredibly disguising, there are a number of dangers that are included as well, so keep reading to find out more about the dangers of spitting.

We all know that suspects tend to be very physical with the law-enforcers and many of them will protect themselves by spitting. This is why if you work in a similar environment, you might want to know about the spit masks for sale from Spit Mask, which are just the protection you need. The Spit mask will also conceal the identity of the suspect as well as protect you and everyone on the scene.

The Spit Mask is designed to protect everyone from spit attacks

It is unsightly

The usual comments that people would give when talking about being spat on are ‘disguising’, ‘vile’, and ‘it does not get lower than that’, and it definitely does not. Spitting is a disguising act of humiliation that does not only make the other person feel horrible but it also carries some dangers with it.

In the past, spitting was actually a socially acceptable habit in Europe, but the manner soon changed in the 19th century. This came to be simply because there are a number of spit-borne diseases that could be transmitted. In 1940, it was common to see ‘spitting prohibited signs on buses, due to the widespread of TB.

Health risks

Today, however, the probability of you catching a spit-borne virus is much lower than it was before, but it still exists. For example, there is a big change for you to catch a common cold or even the flu if you get spat on.

There are some other diseases that also spread through saliva, and they are:

  • Hepatitis
  • Viral meningitis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Epstein-Barr virus – very common herpes virus that is the cause of different diseases, like the glandular fever
  • Cytomegalovirus – a virus that is very common and similar to the herpes virus

Those who find themselves in such a situation that they are spat on, have a number of things that they should do. You could always consider getting the spit guard police with Spit Mask, in case this happened more than once. If you get spat on, you should:

  • Immediately washes off the saliva with lots of water and soap.
  • If you were unfortunate enough that the saliva goes into your eye, mouth or nose, you should wash it out with a lot of cold water.
  • Those who think that they are at risk of infection should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Is spitting assault?

It should definitely be seen as an assault because you are not only humiliating the person but opening them to many viruses. In football, for example, if you spit on the opponent, you will be warned for your “violent behavior” which just shows that this might become the law soon. The law-enforcers and prison guards tend to get spat on the most, which is why the Spit Mask was created.

Check out the different Spit Masks before purchasing

Final word

As it was said, if you work in such an environment where you could be spat on, then you might want to consider purchasing a spit mask. These masks were designed to conceal the identity of the person wearing them while being able to protect everyone else from the spit attacks. Check out the different models that are created today, and enjoy a much safer environment.

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