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Toxicity in the most understandable form is the quality of being dangerous or harmful to anybody subjected to the environment. It is the negative effect that is observed after the use of toxic elements. The impact of usage of toxins can be as great as the dissolution of life; hence we must try to put an end to it.

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Fighting against microorganism: In the process of eliminating this harmful aspect from life, Antimicrobial comes into the picture. Antimicrobial is the term used for products that inhibit bacteria, viruses or molds. An antimicrobial product has the most diverse uses. It is used as an antiseptic to prevent diseases on people and other living organisms, and as pesticides on objects such as toys, hospital essentials and more to protect it. Antimicrobial are classified in terms of the agents it cures such as disinfectants, antibiotics, antibacterial, antifungals, and antivirals.

Testing on zebrafish:  With all the advancing of science, we are somewhere graving our-self deep down; the reality of the products we are consuming is hidden. Zebrafish are used to study the toxic effects of environmental pollutants and serves as an early screen before testing the mammals. Zebrafish in vivo modelinduces optical clarity body which is used for testing drug toxin level and drug effects through which; we get a clear picture on the assessment of drug effect on internal organs in a live organism. It is the best alternative for mammal testing because without any surgery or complicated studies we observe the same result. Zebrafish exhibit similar responses to any chemical as a mammal would react which makes it a useful model for predicting drug toxicity assay in humans.

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The consequence of toxins: The development of society has bought a great risk on human and animal. Human and animal are the first one to get affected by any change. Toxic elements contaminate even the essential basic needs such as water, food and accommodation places and make it an unhealthy environment to survive. The nature and extent of these toxic effects vary depending on the chemical structure of the toxin. and animal health condition is also determined by the amount of time it is exposed to the toxin and how much the body has absorbed, also following some detox method cannot entirely remove the toxin element but it will surely give some solace.

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