8 Signs You Need to Quit Drinking

When you’re looking at your life and feeling dissatisfied with it, especially as you move into 2019, there are many places where you can find opportunities for change. Some of us need to get into the gym, and others need to spend more time in quality social situations in order to reduce feelings of anxiety, loneliness, or depression. Taking a hard look at how things are going will certainly challenge us to get out of a rut and to try new experiences. Something you could quickly discover is that you are drinking too often, which means that you’re inadvertently increasing the times when you feel down or depressed because alcohol is a natural depressant. In this post, we examine 8 signs that you need to quit drinking:

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1. You make an extra trip to the store when it’s not on your way to pick up alcoholic beverages for the hours you will spend at home. This is a dangerous pattern because, if you drink alone, you could become even more depressed than you felt when you wanted to purchase the booze.

  1. You don’t want to leave the bar when you’ve run out of cash or it’s closing. And the bartender cuts you off so that you can’t order any more drinks. This might stem from behavior indicators such as you are walking around unsteadily or being too loud or disruptive to the other patrons of the establishment.
  2. You feel tired the next morning, or even hung over with a headache, and it’s a work day. You are late to work because you can’t shake the hangover.
  3. You smuggle little flasks of alcohol into your bag to take with you in the car so you have a fix at work or wherever you begin to feel nervous.
  4. You need to stop and have a drink or go home and have one before doing anything else in order to calm down after a difficult day. You rely on alcohol consumption at weird times to get you through the day. Sometimes, you even take some sips of alcohol in the morning when you know that you can get in trouble for that behavior at work.Related image
  5. You drink so much in one sitting, either at home or in a public place, that you begin to throw up. You spend the whole night next to the toilet because your stomach won’t calm down.
  6. You turn to stronger forms of alcohol (or the percentage of alcohol by volume in a container) to get your fix. You used to stick with drinking wine and beer. Now, you are consuming more than a liter of hard liquor per week from the nearest store. You have to drink more than one drink per hour to keep your buzz.
  7. Last night, you were driving home unsafely from the bar and you almost got pulled over for a DUI. Or, worse, you did get pulled over and now you must wait for your day in court to get your driver’s license reinstated, if that’s even possible.

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People who know you very well, perhaps even your whole life, and are accustomed to your drinking habits are telling you that you are now drinking too much. They point out a variety of signs, such as your hands shaking when you can’t have a drink, your recent weight gain, your appearance of being depressed, your complexion is too ruddy, or you are drinking beyond a reasonable amount and embarrassing them at a social function. Nobody should drink to the point that it affects their health or their safety, but, because drinking is addictive, you may need to stop drinking altogether to get back control of your life. You must sincerely want to get help before quitting drinking will really help you change your behavior!

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