Brief Understanding on How Sex is closely Associated to Relieving Stress

Stress and sex are associated in several ways. You may be aware of it already, as a specific stressful week would have hampered your sex drive. However, stress could reduce your libido, but you could make the most of sex to relieve yourself of stress. You should rest assured that it would improve sex life in the best manner possible. In case, you were wondering about women and stress, you should be made aware that a healthy sex life would do wonders to women stressed out due to various factors.

Are you wondering how a healthy sex life would help you enjoy a stress-free life? Let us delve on to it.

Good Sex would Improve your Mood

Several types of research have revealed the association between good sex and improved mood. It would not be wrong to suggest that sexual activity would release a hormone in your brain that would improve your mood. The hormone would help you feel elated and relieved of stress. However, it would be in your best interest to improve sex life in order to live a stress-free lifestyle.

Association between Sex and Stress

Find below few close associations between sex and stress.

  • Stress Response and Sex

Several studies have revealed that when it comes to women and stress, the heart rate of the women along with the cortisol levels has been deemed as a measure for their response to stress. It has been found that women tend to exhibit less response to stress after having sex with their partner. However, the emotional support did not have the same effect.

  • Blood Pressure and Sex

Yet another study revealed that blood pressure of the participants in a public activity or solving a complicated math problem would become the measure of their response to stress. However, a person having indulged in a sexual activity recently would have reduced baseline blood pressures or less blood pressure rising during different stressful events. It would not be wrong to suggest that having sex could lead to a lower response to stress during different challenging situations.

  • Health and Orgasm

The orgasm would offer a world of benefits for stress relief and overall well being. It would help you improve sex life, relax your body and release the happy hormones. It would be largely supportive for women and stress along with their overall wellness.

Apart from the scientific revelations, sex would offer various stress management components. It would help you take your mind from worries for a reasonable stretch of time.

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