Hospital Emergency Phone Number: What You Should Know

There is no doubt that emergency departments in hospitals want to provide you with the best care that they can. Despite the department’s busy atmosphere, medical attendants and staff manning the unit aim to provide fast, efficient and effective service. One way they can ensure speedy responses is by having Bundaberg hospital emergency phone number on hand. Through this facility, patients can call prior to entering the healthcare system. Even ambulances who are on their way to the hospital can alert the staff for their arrival.

The ER is for Emergencies

According to the Better Health Channel, not all hospitals are equipped with emergency departments. Those that do so tend to be preoccupied with numerous patients coming in and out of the room. As a matter of fact, individuals who have been to the ER themselves know that just because you came in first does not mean your condition will be prioritised. People who have dire conditions than you will be given special attention and priority, especially if they could die within a few minutes. Be grateful that you are not in a worse state.

Know Who to Call

Some people choose to call a hospital emergency phone number instead of Triple Zero. If you are one of these individuals, bear in mind that paramedics and other medical staff are advising you to call via a landline. This allows them to trace your location faster, and by extension, allow them to send a vehicle or an ambulance to get you the help you need.

It’s also good to note that calling the hospital’s landline when you are not in immediate danger will only clog up their system. If you only have a broken finger, make sure to course your concerns to another department.

Stay on the Line

When you are on the phone with a member from the emergency department, don’t hang up. Operators are equipped to provide you with immediate assistance even whilst they are on the phone. Taking instructions such as CPR and learning how to stop excessive blood loss can help save lives.

Take note of these tips so that the next time you are involved in an accident or know someone who needs rapid help, you know what to do. A simple call to the hospital is enough to do the trick.

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