Tattoos can be harmful to woman causing different problems:

Tattoos are the modern trend. Everyone of the young generation is following this trend without considering the effects of it. So the young generation is facing different physical problems including skin infections due to it. There are mainly two types of tattoos. One is temporary and the other is permanent. As per the opinion of the doctors, the permanent ones are more harmful.

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It can also be removed but removing tattoo is a painful thing. It can only be removed only through laser treatment. Some of the process of removing tattoos is dermabrasion, excision, cryosurgery and also salabrasion. After removing it, skin irritations can also happen.

As per the opinion of some of the doctors, making tattoo in the leg can cause severe pain. This mainly happens to women. They must be careful after doing it. If any unusual symptoms or irritation happens, they should go to the doctor immediately.

Immunity system of our body can also be disrupted. Tattoo piercing can damage our body, specially causing neurological diseases and skin infections. Along with tattoo and piercing the new generation, especially the teenagers, is also getting attracted to many bad habits. The use of internet is also extremely dangerous. The can get different information related to many issues which they should not know about. They even buy birth control online in a very easy manner without any complication. These tendencies of breaking the social norms are increasing day by day.

Image result for chance of skin cancer

The process of doing tattoo is also very painful. The tattoo artists use needle to do it. You must be very sure if the needle which the artist is using to do the tattoo is new or not. Using the same needle for everyone is very dangerous. If the equipments for doing tattoos are not sterilized properly, many blood transmitted disease can happen. It can cause diseases like HIV, hepatitis B and C and also lever cancer. Other than this, the colour which they are using is always not suitable for each type of skin. Before doing a tattoo you must know about the sensitivity of your skin by consulting a doctor.

You may not observe the side effects of doing tattoo immediately. It can be seen years after. The allergic infection can also damage the food habit permanently. It can also hamper the natural instinct of a woman to be mother. During pregnancy, sometimes it affects the fetus. It also enhances the risk of other diseases during pregnancy.

Tattoo affects the skin of a woman especially as it is softer than the male skin. There is a chance of skin cancer also. Whenever doing tattoo the place of making it must be far from any mole of our body. It enhances the chance of skin cancer.

Though it has become very popular in recent days but doctors are now recommending not doing a permanent tattoo. If you still want to do then you must consult a doctor first and then you do as per the suggestion of the doctor.

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