What are some symptoms and causes of female libido?

There is a preconceived notion that women have less sexual desires compared to men and they are not expected to be turned on easily like men. ‘What woman wants?’ have been the center of most blogs, articles and numerous books and there is no doubt that the cause behind the same is still an unhidden answer which the scientists are still looking for. For ages, researchers are trying to track the riddle, but they are still to achieve the desired answer for the question. But according to some recent research results, it can be said that the desires of women cannot be determined depending on one single experience. It varies from person to person, and the span of having the sexual desire is diverse.

Fеmаlе Lіbіdо Naturaly

Female libido can take place at any point of time and can also take place in some who has strong sexual desires previously. It is often said that it is more difficult for women to get turned on in the first instance. In addition to this, women have been known to be the epitome of coyness. Several notions are present in the society about women’s sexualities, but experiments speak differently of women compared to the stereotypical ideas.

In this regard, you might come across HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder when women have a low sexual desire, and it results in personal distress. There nothing to get worried about this change and there is no need for getting an appointment with your doctor. It is known that Fеmаlе Lіbіdо Naturaly occurring can be prevented by certain changes in the lifestyle habits and sexual techniques that shall help to put in the right mood.

Symptoms of low sexual desire in women 

  • Having less or absolutely sexual fantasies or thoughts
  • No interest in any kind of sexual activity
  • Concerned about the lack of sexual desires and fantasies.


Prominent causes of low physical desires

  1. Hormonal changes – It is common that due to changes in hormonal levels, it affects the sexual desire level. Just after pregnancy or feeding a baby, there are chances of low sexual desires among women. Fatigue, certain changes in the body shape and the pressures of caring for a baby all equally contribute. The hormonal changes can also take place after menopause.
  2. Psychological changes – Low self-esteem, work stress, mental health problems are the causes of low sexual desire.
  3. Physical causes – Most importantly, wrong lifestyle habits results in lower sexual desire. In addition, surgery, medical diseases, and fatigue are also the causes.
  4. Relationship problems – It is known that physical closeness is required for sexual intimacy. In case of problems in relationships, it happens to be one of the major reasons for low sexual drive. Unresolved fights aggravate the situation.

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